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The sound of JUJU ME is the sound of lo-fi pop. Exploring melancholic moods, groovy baselines, lazy beats with irony and crude distance. With inspiration from bands like Talking Heads, Liquid Liquid, Beach House and Broadcast, the songs deal with issues of survival, love and the struggle for happiness. The dark and seducing voice of Stine float on top of sizzling electric guitars, dreamy boy choir, oceanic keys and a distant screaming avant jazz saxophone.

JUJU ME is a collaboration between singer/songwriter Stine Steendorph Petersen and composer Sven Dam Meinild. Stine’s strong and personal sound has a strong scandinavian flavor. Sven has been touring extensively with danish pop act The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

In JUJU ME they are joined by, Peter Albrechtsen, Buster Jensen, Asger Nordtorp and Anders Haaning.

Together they have created a band sound, that manage to mix the direct pop appeal, good melodies and strong hooks with the fragile and experimental vibes from the Copenhagen music scene.

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